Anne Raskopf ~ Artist

30 Paintings 30 Days for 2021 is Door County. Happy to be participating in this challenge for the 8th year in a row.  All work is for sale. Each piece is $275 and sold on a first come basis. I do not make prints. I'm happy to entertain commission requests.

I grew up not far from this Wisconsin treasure. My family drove there to pick cherries, fish and antique. The winding roads, extraordinary views, charming restaurants and shops, state parks, dark parks, cliffs and so much more await visitors to Door Country. Enjoy my paintings and take a drive the peninsula and Islands!

Day 1, "Maple- Oregon Bridge Over Sturgeon Bay", 11 x 14, $275 Acrylic on canvas.

Looking out the windows of our green station wagon, we'd look forward to crossing the Maple-Oregon Bridge and seeing all the ships in the harbor. As we crossed the bridge the huge ships in the harbor being built or repaired were revealed. How magnificent they were.  The painting pays tribute to the skills and talents of the builders.

Day 2, "Sturgeon Bay Ship Canal North Pierhead Light" 12 x 12, Acrylic on artist birch board.

I love lighthouses and Door County has 11 of them. This bright red gem is a little off the beaten path but so worth the trip! 

Day 3 is "The Wilson Tradition", 9 x 12, Acrylic on canvas. 

A must stop while in Door County. This Ephraim landmark has been in business since 1906. Let's keep this great tasting place going another 100 plus years!  

Day 4, "A Park Treasue", 11 x 14, Acrylic on canvas. The tower in the Peninsula State Park was first built in 1914 to keep watch for fires after the devastating Peshtigo fire of 1871. Now called Eagle Tower and newly rebuilt and opening soon, comes complete with a ramp and observation deck. I can't wait to see the vista looking across the water and bluffs.

Day 5, "The Boil Over", 9x12, Acrylic on canvas. Thanks to our Scandinavian immigrants who brought with them this delicious traditional dish to the peninsula in the 1800's. My family loves The White Gull inn's fish boil. Sitting in the back, having a beverage and watching the boil master tend the large pot. The boil over is the highlight and worth a toast!

Day 6, "Bearcats Smoke House", 8 x10, Acrylic on artist birch cradle board.

Door County has been a hub for a Great Lakes shipping and fishing. Fishing ports have been around since the late 1800's. Bearcats uses locally sourced hardwoods for smoking and has strong ties to local commercial fisherman. Bearcats provides delicious varieties of cured and smoked fish. My family just enjoyed a half slab of brown sugar smoked salmon! Wow, yum. Thanks Elaine and Ron!

Day 7, Yay one week in!  "A County's Bounty" 10 x10, Acrylic on artist birch cradle board.

I spent my fair share on a ladder or in a cherry tree picking cherries in the summer.  My mom is a healthy cook and always had fresh seasonal fruit in the house and a supply in the freezer for warm winter cherry pies. Thanks Mom! Visit Door County cherry farms of Door County.

Day 8, "Cherry Pit Spit", Acrylic on artist hardboard. 9 x 12.

Though I haven't tried this Door County activity, it looks like fun! Apparently there is a women's state champion and a men's state champion. Who knew?

Day 9, "Anderson's Dock". 11x14, Acrylic on canvas.

You're invited to leave your mark on Anderson's Dock. Graffiti is an accepted practice at the dock. Boaters leave the names of their boats and the year they stopped by. Creative and tasteful is all they ask!

Day 10, "Hidden Treasure" 9 x 12, Acrylic on canvas. 

This beauty was based on drawings of a Stavkirke built in Borgund Norway in 1150 AD. A testament to small town life, this church was erected by volunteers under the direction of skilled craftsmen. Much artistic talented was pooled together to complete this island treasure. Thank you! 

Day 11, "15 Curves", 10 x 10, Acrylic on artist cradle birch board. SOLD

The road is on of the most frequently photographed stretches in Wisconsin. You can drive this length of Highway 42 at the tip of Door County. I'm sure it's spectacular for every of Wisconsin's four seasons!

Day 12, "Medicinal Purposes", 9 x 12, Acrylic on canvas.

To drink like a local one must take a full shot of Angostura at Nelsen's Hall Bitter's Club", that shot means you are now considered a full-fledged islander. Opened in 1899!

Day 13 of 30! "Porte des Mortes" 8 x 10 Acrylic on Artist Hardboard. 

Travel from the tip of Door County to Washington Island through Death's Door. Beautiful views including lighthouses and ever changing coastline scenery. The area's name does not come from the shipwrecks but instead comes from a battle in this region between the Winnebago and Potawatomi Tribes.

Day 14 and two weeks in! "Pass the Lingonberry Jam"  11 x14 Acrylic on canvas. SOLD

 A classic stop on a tour of Door County. My favorite is a big breakfast with extra lingonberry jam! Love this place.

Day 15, "Furthest Point" 10 x 10, Acrylic on artist birch cradle board.

You can charter a boat, take the ferry, visit a dark park or just be content to be at the tip of Door County Peninsula.

Day 16 of 30 paintings. "Calming Fields" 8 x10, Acrylic on artist board.

Fragrant Isle Lavender Farm & Shop is the Midwest's largest lavender farm. Stroll through lush lavender fields and enjoy the aroma! A feast for the scenses.

Day 17,  "An Artist's House" 8 x 8, Acrylic on canvas. 

Also called The Mushrooms House, The Dome, The Hobbit House, whatever you call it, it's cool! This private home was built in 1960 on 11 acres off of Cave Point Road by an artist and his family of 11. So imaginative.

18th of 30 paintings, "The Trees and the Bees" Acrylic on canvas 11x14.

You can typically see cherry blossoms from the middle til the end of May. Cherries are ripe from mid July through the end of July. DC is the fourth largest cherry producer in the nation. Door County has 2000 acres of tart cherries. Cherries have been grown in DC since the 1800's. Eat your cherries!

Day 19, "Jump at Cave Point" 9 x12, Acrylic on canvas.  SOLD

I don't have the nerve to do this but it looks like scary fun. If you look closely you'll see teens enjoying have no fear. Youth!

20 of 30 Paintings, 2/3's complete. "This Way", 9 x12 Acrylic on canvas.

You're never lost in Door County, just follow the arrows. Seems like a lot of vacation spots have these fun signs and it always inspires me to travel more.

Day 21, "Skipping Stones", 9 x12, Acrylic on canvas. 

Door County lives up to it's nickname of "Cape Cod of the Midwest". Whether you enjoy kayaking, biking, beaching, antiquing, or fresh fish and delicious local food DC has something for all. The top 5 great beaches to skip stones on are Schoolhouse Beach, Pebble Beach, Peninsula State Park, Tennison Bay, Rock Island State Beach (which is the one in the painting) and Sunset Park.

Day 22, "Fresh Lawyers"  8 x 10, Acrylic on birch cradle board. 

Check out this eatery on Washington Island where the fresh catch includes lawyers (Burbot also referred to as freshwater cod) and whitefish. I painted this one with my husband in mind!

Day 23, " Lighthouse & Lilacs" 11 x 14 Acrylic on canvas.

Perched on a bluff 75 feet above Green Bays waters, Eagle Bluff Lighthouse's lamp brought solace to many a sailor suffering through a storm's gale or the dark of night. You can find this lighthouse in the Peninsula State Park.

Day 24 of 30, "Skyway Drive In", 9 x12, Acrylic on canvas. Family entertainment since the 1950! Come relive fond memories and create new ones at this family owned business. Who could ask for a better way to relax, a double feature, bucket of popcorn and large soda, ahhh!

Day 25, "Pilot Island Lighthouse", 10 x 10, Acrylic on artist board, SOLD

Originally located on Plum Island, the location of the lighthouse changed. Best to google the history of this charming lighthouse. I like the desolation of the Island lighthouse.  

Day 26, "Drama by the Lake", 11 x 14 Acrylic on canvas. The Peninsula Players have been performing plays for the past 86 years. Families return year after year to enjoy classic and contemporary productions  in a woodland setting. Come enjoy this serene location on along the shores of Green Bay!

Day 27, "Schoolhouse Beach, Washington Island", 10 x 10, Acrylic on artist hardboard. SOLD

 A stunning beach with a soft, smooth, white washed rocks for a beach. Big fine if you try and take a stone! Relax and soak up some sun on this beautiful unique beach.

Day 28 of 30. "The John Purves Tug", 12 x 12, Acrylic on artist board. 

The tugboat Butterfield was constructed in Elizabeth, New Jersey, 1919 and served during WWII. Later purchased by John Roen and renamed the John Purves. You can visit this 100 year old beauty at the Sturgeon Bay Maritime Museum. 

Day 29, "Red Trail Whitefish Dunes Beach",  10 x 10, Acrylic on artist board. SOLD

Whitefish Dunes State Park protects the fragile dune environment on the eastern Door County Peninsula. 867 acres of Wisconsin natural beauty. From 100 BC to the later 1800's there is evidence of early settlers. Wonder if they enjoyed the beach as much as us!

30th of 30 Paintings!

January flew by as always! "Birdcage Lighthouse",  8 x10, Acrylic on artist hardboard. With eleven lighthouses on the Door County peninsula I thought it appropriate to end with a lighthouse. Though it's life was short lived, it's unique birdcage lantern is one of only four in the United States that is still equipped with that style lantern.  

Thanks to all who followed me and a special thank you to those who purchased work. For commission inquires email me at