Anne Raskopf ~ Artist

San Francisco and the Bay Area

A milestone for me, celebrating 10 consecutive years of completing a painting a day in the month of January. I have to say this makes me very happy.

After a fun filled trip to San Francisco to visit my son in December, I knew for sure that I wanted to paint the beautiful California landscapes, cityscapes and everything in between that we saw. 

So here's my interpretation of a wonderful part of the USA!  All paintings are $275 plus shipping.

Day 1  "Golden Gate Bridge, View from Moore Road Pier", 11x14, Acrylic on Canvas  SOLD

When I think of San Francisco (SF) I think of the iconic Golden Gate Bridge that connects SF to Marin County. Construction started in 1933 and lasted 4 years helping to create jobs during the Great Depression. The bridge is considered a engineering marvel. It even has it's own color "International Orange"!

Day 2, " Road to Rides", 12x12, Acrylic on Canvas.

Our first venture out was to Santa Cruz. A beautiful seaside city with an amusement park as its centerpiece. So much color and energy surrounding this little city. It's the oldest surviving California amusement park and I'm so happy I got to experience it with my husband and son.

Day 3, "Thrill Rides" 11x14, Acrylic on canvas.

Though the park wasn't open for rides the day we were there, I can imagine how much fun it would have been to ride the rollercoaster with the beautiful Pacific Ocean right next to you! I plan to go back in the summertime.

Day 4, "The Dolphin and the Fishing Well", Acrylic on canvas, 9x12

Santa Cruz's wharf pier has delicious fresh seafood restaurants, amazing views, sea lions, and fishing wells. I never knew fishing wells were a thing. They are just what the names says. Apparently, during the fall and winter months the fish like to hang out in the structure which makes it a great fishing spot!

Day 5, "This is the Life", 9x12, Acrylic on canvas,  The Santa Cruz Wharf is a preferred perch for the California Sea Lions. These playful creatures know how to find a cozy spot to rest and then turn around and plop themselves into the water to frolic with their Sea Lion Friends. It would be easy to stay and watch them all day!

Day 6, Bonus Double Day! Yes 2 paintings cuz I couldn't decide on which one.

"Its Beach" 8x10, Acrylic on canvas.  Just so many breathtaking views on Cliff Drive Santa Cruz. This one includes the lighthouse and a natural arched bridge. 

"Arches & Bridges State Beach" 8x10 , Acrylic on canvas. 

This beach must be a show stopper for sunsets. The beach is 65 acre state park in Santa Cruz. The park features a natural bridge across a section of the beach. It's also well know as a hotspot to see monarch butterfly migration.

Day 7, "Swanson Farm Stand Route 1, 11x14, Acrylic on canvas. I was surprised to see so many farm stands on Pacific Coast Highway. The best of two worlds coexisting together, farms on one side of the PCH and the ocean on the other. 

Day 8, "Pacific Coast Sprouts", 8x10, Acrylic on canvas.

Brussel sprout harvest time in California is June thru January. We passed thousands of acres of brussels sprouts as we drove along the PCH. We love our brussel sprouts!

Day 9, "Big Basin Redwoods, Waddell Beach" 11x14, Acrylic on canvas. 

It was difficult to decide which beaches to stop at along PCH on our drive from Santa Cruz to San Francisco, but when we saw surfer vans parked at Big Basin we pulled over. The inner hippie in me knew this was gonna be breathtaking and it was.

Day 10, "Shark Fin Cove" 11x14, Acrylic on canvas.

A massive rock stands guard over a small cove full of geologic wonders just up the coast from Santa Cruz that you can see from PCH.

Day 11, "Fisherman's Wharf", 9x12, Acrylic on canvas

We ate well here!

Day 12, "Pier 39 Sea Lebrities" , 9x12, Acrylic on canvas.

They really are everywhere. Due to the plentiful supply of herring, available dock space and the marina's protected environment, they are not leaving anytime soon.

Day 13, "Moss Landing Whale Watching", 8x10, Acrylic on canvas.

Bucket list checked off and this trip didn't disappoint . These giants of the deep demonstrated several of the behaviors they are known for: breaching, feeding and slapping the water with their tails and pectoral fins.

Day 14, "Cannery Row", 9x12, Acrylic on canvas.

Monterey is a city on California's rugged central coast. Its Cannery Row, one-time center of the sardine-packing industry, was immortalized by novelist John Steinbeck.

Day 15, "Lovers Point Park", 11x14, Acrylic on Canvas.

According to local legend, this park was originally called "Lovers of Jesus Point", back in the era when Pacific Grove was a Methodist retreat camp.

16 of 30 Paintings!  "Muir Woods National Monument", 12 x 16, Acrylic on canvas.

Majestic 300 ft. redwoods reaching to the sky. These trees are the tallest living organism on earth. An awe inspiring experience.

Day 17, "Split in the Trail, Muir Woods", 12x16, Acrylic on canvas.

Would love to ride my horse through the woods!

Day 18, "View of Golden Gate from Sausalito" 11x14, Acrylic on canvas

I've been painting my way in sequence of our travels. After visiting Muir Woods we crossed the Golden Gate again heading over to Haight Ashbury neighborhood. Hence another GG!

Day 19, "Corner of Haight & Ashbury" , 12 x 12 Acrylic on canvas.

Birthplace of the 1960's counterculture movement, Haight Ashbury draws a lively, diverse crowd looking to soak up the historic hippie vibe. Upper Haight Street is a hodgepodge of vintage clothing boutiques, record shops, bookstores, dive bars and casual eclectic dining.

Day 20!  "Piedmont Boutique" 11x 14, Acrylic on canvas.

In 1995, Piedmont installed what is perhaps the shop's best know feature: a pair of large fishnet covered legs and red high heeled shoes emerging from a window above the storefront. The legs have become an icon all over the world and have been featured in covers of travel guides to SF. 

Day 21, "Jimi's House"  11x14, Acrylic on canvas.

The neighborhood was a who's who of rock legends, home to Jefferson Airplane, the Grateful Dead, Janis Joplin, and Jimi Hendrix. 

For a few years in 1960's Hendrix lived in the home at 1524 Haight Street, which is only a few doors down from the famous intersection that gave the neighborhood its name.

Today, the apartment is still a private residence and is located above a shop. The building is painted red, in honor of the guitar legend.

Day 22, "What a Long Strange Trip it's Been", 9x12, Acrylic on canvas,  SOLD

On an unassuming street in the Haight Ashbury district of SF, Jerry Garcia and other members of the Grateful Dead lived in a classic SF Victorian for a couple of years before and after the 1967 Summer of Love. Today, it's a popular photo stop on hippie themed tours of the city. We stopped!

Day 23, "Hippie Hill, Janis Joplin's Tree", 8x8, Acrylic on canvas

Always singing, usually with her guitar, one of her favorite places to just hand out and relax, was under an elm tree at the foot of Hippie Hill in Golden Gate Park. It was here she could be found performing for anyone or no one, just herself. Because this was Janis Joplin's tree, it was named in her honor.

Day 24, "Lombard Street", 11x14, Acrylic on canvas

Lombard Street is an east-west street in SF, that is famous for a steep, one-block section with eight hairpin turns. Stretching from The Presidio east the Embarcadero, most of the street's western segment is a major thoroughfare designated as part of U.S Route 101.

So cool!

Day 25, "Exact Change", 9x12, Acrylic on canvas.

No experience is more uniquely SF than a ride on a cable care. Cable cars have come to symbolize this great city. Hang on and no leaning out the open areas!

Day 26, "Telegraph Hill", 9x12, Acrylic on canvas.

Telegraph Hill is a hill and surrounding neighborhood in SF. It is one of SF's 44 hills, and on of its original "Seven Hill".

Day 27, "SF Chinatown", Acrylic on canvas 9x12

Day 28, "Golden Gare at Night" 5x7, Acrylic on canvas

Couldn't resist a tiny painting of the grand bridge at night!

Day 29, "Garlic World", 8x10, Acrylic on canvas

Garlic capital of the world!

Day 30! "Further On Up The Road" 12x12, Acrylic on canvas

Leaving you with a favorite view of Pacific Coast Highway. I loved reflecting on our visit there and hope to return soon. Thanks for following along on and celebrating with me on my 10 year anniversary of 30 paintings in 30 days! Looking forward to next years series!

All work is available for purchase and commissions from you travels Considered!